WCB Consulting

Company Review


We can review your organizations actvities and ensure you are appropriately industry classified. This ensures the appropriate rate for your organization. This ensures the lowest rate possible.

We will look at your claim costs in comparison to Industry Average Claim costs. Evaluating your reporting timelines. 

Claim Review & Management


We can Review specific claims, evaluate the claim, we can advise any form of possible Cost Relief to a possible appeal. We can also help you with specific claims and the management of them. Claim Management can be very time consuming and complex. WCB Legislation, policies and procedures, are applied to each claim individual basis. We can help you keep costs under control.

Claim Management Program Review


Allow us to come in and evaluate your organizations current program, at times we see what you might of missed to help your program run more effectively and efficiently.  Reviews of your modified work programs (MWP) ensure your organization is managing claims effectively and keeping premiums low. MWP has been proven to help an injured worker recover much quicker.

General Education


Basic Consulting Service available, just need advise or a high level look to ensure you are on the right track? Let us help you understand your WCB Account and the statistics behind it all. We can help you out. 

Gap Analysis


Allow us to come in and preform a Gap Analysis on your organization.  Anything from Modified Work Programs, Payroll reporting deadlines, Reporting deadlines, Review of Health and Safety Program, Clearances from Contractors, Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) etc.

On going Support


We have spent a lot of time helping other organizations with WCB management. Allow us to help you and your organization , utilize our learning's and education to assist you. We will always be here to help no matter what.


Health & Safety

Health & Safety

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