Fit Testing

Qualitative Testing

Is used to quickly determine the effectiveness of the face to respirator fit. An irritating aerosol is dispensed around the person wearing a reusable style respirator with high efficiency filters (P-100) installed while also wearing a hood over their head. The user is instructed to recite a written passage that allows the facial features to be distorted in all directions, while the tester sprays the aerosol through a small hole in the front of the hood. If the face to respirator seal is sufficient, there will be no irritating results. The user passes with that style and size of respirator. 

All testing must be performed with a clean shaven face (no interference between the respirator sealing area and the face), no stubble, and no 5 o'clock shadow allowed. 

Duration: Mask Fittings are done in a 15 to 20 minute appointment. Upon successful completion of the appointment participants will receive a fit test certificate that is valid for one year. We are fully certified fit testing. Call us today.

To book a mask fit test please call 1.403.575.9122 or email at