Alcohol & Drug Testing

A & D Testing

Scotcan Energy Inc provides services to help you build and manage a drug free workplace. We are proudly partnered with Cannamm Occupational Testing Services.  Every test we run is of the highest quality, perfomed in a professional manner that generates defensible results.  Test we run are; 

-Urine Drug Testing

-Oral Fluid/Saliva Drug Testing

-Breath Alcohol Testing

-Emergency/After Hours Testing

There are 6 situations when drug and alcohol testing can be done. 

1. Pre Employment Testing: Identify candidates who could pose a risk in safety-sensitive work environments. 

2. Pre-Access Testing: Identify people who could pose a risk in safety-sensitive work enviroments before giving them access to the work site.

3. Post-Incident/post-accident testing: Determine the possible contributing factors of a workplace incident and work to prevent future incidents.

4. Reasonable Cause: Objectively evaluate possible factors when there are visible signs and symptoms of substance use impacting workplace safety.

5. Random drug and alcohol testing: Deter substance use and enhance safety policy compliance by testing a random sample of the workforce. 

6. Unannounced follow-up testing: Following a policy violation, ensure compliance with the testing program prior to and after being reinstated to work. 

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